Light Box Loupe

The idea for Light Box Loupe came when I needed to go through my Grandfather’s photographic work.  He was a Photographer by trade and over his lifetime he produced an enormous amount of work the form of black and white negatives in various formats and stored in many boxes with many envelopes.


There were very few prints or contact proofs from any of this photographic output.  So it became difficult to judge any of the material by just looking at the negatives over a light box.


Soon it quickly became tedious to load the film into scanner trays and wait for a contact image of the material to appear on a computer monitor.


I needed a way to quickly view and evaluate boxes of negatives and transparencies laid out on light table without going through the work of scanning each and every frame.


Light Box Loupe allows you to take advantage of the iOS device's large screen and imaging capabilities to view a magnified positive image from original film negative or positive transparencies.  It allows you to see the film images as if a proof print were made and then save the live view result to the Photos App on your device.


Light Box Loupe also has light box functionality as part of the App. Working with two iOS devices, you can set one in LB surface mode to have a uniform white, light box surface to backlight your film material and then with the other device, a magnified live view viewer to evaluate a nearly correct positive black and white or color image.


Light Box Loupe is useful in helping to view and organize large quantities of film material without the need of a proof print or scanner.  It is not meant to replace film scanning but help in organizing quantities of film images for later high quality scanning and preservation.




The Settings Button (gear icon) will bring up a segmented button that will help control the image viewing characteristics.


Normal (N) shows a normal, non-inverted live view image.


Invert B&W (Inv BW) inverts the image and renders it in black and white.


Invert Color (Inv C) inverts the image and compensates for the orange masking color commonly found on color negative film stocks.


Light Box (LB) brings up a white screen that enables the device to be used as a light box to back light any film material.


Double tap on the screen to toggle the image to zoom to 1:1 or back to Fit in View.

Tap and drag up and down or left and right to change the image brightness. (works in invert mode only)


Tap and hold on the screen to reset the brightness level to it’s default value.


The Snap Image Button (camera icon) will save an image to the device's Photo Application.


If the Snap Image Button is not visible, either the image has been zoomed to 1:1 mode (visible red border) or access to the Photo Application was not granted. This can be changed by granting access to the Photos Application in the "Settings" application.


There may a lag in physical device movement and the corresponding image updating on-screen. This is due to the use of device motion stabilization to aid in steadying of any sudden movement while viewing.






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